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Hi Love — it’s Saturday, it’s time to love 🎵

I’m trying out a new platform this week, let me know if you like it. Or don’t if you don’t care. The most important is to remember: I luv you

Papa Xu’s advice for this week:

You don’t need to be extreme


Girlobsession Saturday

Girlcrush is passé, #girlobsession is 2020. Why keep all the good stuff to myself if I can share and spark some inspiration here & there

Número Uno: Sophia Li - activist & Bee approved

Isn’t this just an Asian girl holding a chicken? Well, if Queen B (and boy Jay) have graced her with looks of approval I definitely can.

Apart from her red carpet moment with the mother of all queens, she is also an American journalist and video director and cool: she loves the earth, she loves people of all races, she has gud taste and uses her platform to broadcast all of this. She is also casual friends with Mrs Bieber.

Asian-Western: she covers some topics that hit home: the latest uproar about Mulan, Western individualism vs Asian collectivism and food = love in Asian culture.

Lesson learnt: if you have a decent following, do some good with it

Stalk Sophei / Courtesy of sharing by schwester Eden


Número Dos: June Quan - choosing noodle soup over practising law

Really Simona.. a girl eating noodle soup? Well, to be honest, isn’t that all we need in life? Next to June eating she is also an ex-lawyer, owner of 4 food concepts and seems to document a lot of her eating.

I had a discussion the other day with Papa Xu where he suggested to start up a concept. Millennial Simona saw this as a “nice side hustle while I can work on other things too” and Ex-Social revolution & 40 years of restaurant experience Papa Xu told me “That cannot be done”. “If you start, you will need to commit for 5-6 years of full focus on that óne concept”. I was 🤯 and chose to be quiet, but was happy to see June with thriving businesses who seems to do exactly what I was told is impossible.

Lesson learnt: nothing is impossible, everyone has their own realities

Stalk June / Courtesty of sharing by schwester Janet

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Reading to heal the soul

Continuing last week’s “Woo Woo" self-help book recommendation. I think I’ve recommended this book before but I’m surprised how I find new little gems of wisdom every time re-reading it. Janet wisely once said “You will always find something else in a book based on your state of mind” and Jay Shetty told me that “if you want to learn something new, read an old book ”.

I highlighted yesterday:

Needless to say: I have let 2020 go, so should you

let it go disney GIF

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The “That’s Nice” corner

Everyone has a good APP-idea

tv land tinder GIF by YoungerTV

If you do not belong to the 90% share of my friends who are a) pregnant b) raising their first kid c) pregnant of their second kid, then you might have some free time on your hand. Go build an app.

Bubble.io is a no-code app builder, and if you don’t like that one here’s another Trello-list of no-code app building tools.

Investing in Vanguard FTSE All-world

Still a noob, but I guess you guys are too. I Invested in a couple of these ETFs at an average price of €77.69 (I invested a steady amount over a couple of months, it’s called dollar-cost averaging), at the moment of writing they’re worth €79.30 - that’s peanuts. But Buffett loves the compound effect and I don’t have a lot to lose so 🤷🏻‍♀️

What’s Vanguard FTSE All-world?

It’s an index fund that tracks companies around the world that are making it rain

wolf of wall street money GIF

The top 5 regions where the companies are coming from are United States (55.96%), Western Europe (8.68%), Asia (7.2%), Japan (7.08%), Western Europe (non-Euro) (4.71%).

The top 5 sectors the companies are established in are Tech (18.9%), Financial services (15.01%), Healthcare (12.7%), FMCG (11.43%) and Communication (9.93%).

The current top 5 positions Vanguard FTSE All world has:

  1. Apple

  2. Microsoft

  3. Amazon

  4. Facebook

  5. Alphabet (Google)

So even you are not working at one of these companies, you can make these companies work for you

Blow Your Mind Wow GIF by Product Hunt

Instagram Wisdom

Another subject by the epic @byfoul sourced from @unsplash ! I’ve missed y’all. Expect some consistent visual goodness from now on
September 7, 2020
Share what you’re grateful for in the comments and watch your happiness multiply. • #regram: @betr
September 6, 2020

You’re not lucky, you’re just bossin’

happy oh yeah GIF by HERSHEY’S Cookies ’n’ Creme

And you are prepared. If 7 is your lucky number (Dominique Busjes) check out this video

🪐 Mars is in retrograde. In short, this means that shit is about to get real. Meditate & focus on finding your balance. Mars apparently is also the planet that reveals your sexual inclinations - find out how much through Co-Star astrology

🐇 Rabbits, like yours truly, and friends from 1987: you will see an increase in job responsibilities, which will cause a lot of stress but have beneficial long-term career advancements

🤰🏻 Friends who are having 2nd babies: treat yourself to a cookie with liquid chocolate stuffing this week

🧖🏽‍♀️Friends who with no babies: Sunday is a great day to start a new skill (build that app, learn a language, go salsa dancing)

Saturday Wisdom

Create joy in the process

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